Business & Technology Innovation

Are you ready for the future?

Solving problems and creating solutions with the latest tech

By understanding the needs and problems of our clients we can deliver a range of benefits through implementing innovative technology.

  • Improve your business with the latest innovations
  • Stay ahead and out manoeuvre your competitors
  • Wow and retain your customers with amazing experiences

It is difficult to stay up-to-date in this fast paced world. We can help you with technology that compliments your business and people.



We specialise in a range of value adding technology innovations

Business Technology Innovation

By understanding how your business works, we can recommend technologies that can add real value and deliver practical, tangible benefits.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We can recommend different types of AI that can help your business. That may include generative AI, developing learning agents or training machine learning models.

Extended Reality (XR)

We can develop a range of XR experiences and tools including Augmented Reality for mobile phones, and Mixed or Virtual Reality experiences for headsets.

Web & Cloud

We develop websites, web applications and Azure cloud solutions including performance optimisation, web accessibility or search engine optimisation.


We can develop mobile apps for mobile phone and tablet devices.

Proof of Concepts

We specialise in creating proof of concepts and MVP's (Minimal Viable Products) that help demonstrate functionality feasibility before formalising and scaling.



Here are some innovative side projects and experiments of mine

  • All
  • AI
  • XR
  • Web
  • Mobile



Wordle Helper


Spatial Charts


Mixed Reality Maps


Den Builder


Goody or Baddy ML


Generative AI Tours


AR Periodic Table


AR GitHub Contributions


Learning Agents




I've had the pleasure of working with some great people, here are what they have said about Intrepid Future Ltd CEO Lee Englestone.

Lee is a true visionary, consistently pushing to push the boundaries of his knowledge and that of those around him. He possesses an impressive understanding of the latest technologies, particularly in the realms of AI and XR. Lee doesn't just follow trends; he actively shapes them. Whether it's pushing AR to its limits or with new ways of interacting with Data, Lee is always at the forefront.

Eleonnore Cossery


His knowledge across all areas of the business was truly impressive. He is someone who can easily join the dots and be instrumental in helping a business move forward. His technical knowledge and attention to detail make him a great guy to have in your corner!

Matt Stott


Lee is an exceptional, forward thinking and highly innovative software development manager. His passion for self-improvement and new technologies is infectious and having worked with him for a number of years, I found Lee to always be approachable and open to adopting new ideas. Lee combines great technical knowledge with impeccable man-management skills, which is evident in the autonomous development teams he has assembled to constantly deliver high quality solutions.

Dharmesh Lad

Software Engineer